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We are guided in our work by the above Motto. After forty years, we are glad to see the firm has grown in size and sophistication, more than ever ready to provide our distinguished local and international clients with quality services.


We go where our clients go. Our China Practice Group follows our clients to all corners of China. From Taiwan to Tibet, from Sichuan to Shenyang, from Xiamen to Xinjiang, from Hainan to Heilongjian. With China reaching out to the world, our clients took us to the vast and beautifulSuifenhe, and then crossed into Russia, reaching St. Petersburg.


We filed Hong Kong's first registered design, short term patent and standard patent applications in 1997. We also filed for Hong Kong's first plan variety right registration.


Our international practice takes us to all parts of the world. We team up with lawyers in every country where our clients have investments in. There is no place on earth we will be reluctant to go if called upon by our clients. We work with local lawyers to deliver our clients with the best possible legal solutions. People can count on our reliability and willingness to serve.


But our hearts are with Hong Kong. Hong Kong is our root, our home and we are and will always be a dedicated Hong Kong law firm.