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Jun 2022 Our partner Mr. Roy Leung becomes the first batch of Hong K... Read
May 2022 We worked closely with and provided support to Queen’... Read
Apr 2022 We are acting for the majority owners of an aged industrial... Read
Apr 2022 We are pleased to announce that Ms. Cheryl Yuen of our firm... Read
Jan 2022 We are delighted to congratulate Mr. Sidney Ho on his admis... Read
Jan 2022 We successfully obtained sanction by the High Court of Hong... Read
Jan 2022 Our Consultant Ms. Sylvia Siu JP is appointed to serve as t... Read
Dec 2021 Announcement of Sit, Fung, Kwong & Shum 薛馮鄺岑律師行 (the &l... Read
Dec 2021 We are honoured to welcome the team led by Ms. Zhang Yumei,... Read
Dec 2021 Our first Zoom Christmas Party was successfully hosted on 2... Read
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